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Home Projects with Little Kids

Appliances break, rooms need painting, and new shelve need to be hung. Little home projects pop up on us, and it can be tricky to get them accomplished when your house has been infiltrated by tiny people. Marty and Priscilla discuss how they've painted, put in new toilets, and dry-walled all while being parents. 

Hyperemesis Gravidarum - Not Just Morning Sickness

As promised, we finally began our interviews with other moms! We started with Julie, an awesome mom who battled Hyperemesis Gravidarum for three pregnancies. Listen to learn from her experiences all about "HG." Here is a sampling of the questions we asked her: How did you find out that you had it? How did you manage it? What helped other than the medications your doctors prescribed? What can someone do for their friend or family member who has it? 

Taking Little Kids to Church

It is important to us to raise our children to be faithful people who enjoy community with others via a parish church. Taking little kids to church is not easy, though! They squirm, make noise, and sometimes disrupt your worship. Marty and Priscilla share a little about how they handle it: you can, too! 

Episode 32: Traveling WITHOUT your Kids

Traveling without your kids is one of those good/bad things. It's so bittersweet! Bitter: no little kisses, snuggles, or giggles. Sweet: no tantrums, bedtime arguments, or diapers. Marty and Priscilla share their experiences and advice for traveling without the kids. (ALSO I ADDED AN OUTRO WE ARE SO PROFESH YOU GUYS!)

Episode 31: Grandmas

We love grandmas! Join us as we discuss the importance of grandparents. Listen for our surprise guest! 

Episode 30: Valentine’s Day Chat

The moms chat about Valentine's Day, poop, and rock and roll music. Don't miss this very funny informal episode, complete with interruptions from some kids, because they will ALWAYS find you. 

Episode 29: Handling it All When Everyone is Sick

The moms hand out a few tips for handling cold and flu season, keeping it together when one of your little ones is sick or injured enough for the ER, and basically staying sane when snot is everywhere for several months of the year. Spoiler alert: it's going to suck no matter what, but you'll get through it! Cut yourself a break, moms! 

Episode 28: Choosing a Daycare

Marty talks about her experiences in finding a daycare for her kids. Priscilla tells about being a teacher in a daycare. It's all you ever wanted to know about choosing quality childcare!

Episode 27: Surviving the Winter with Little Kids

Ugh, it's too cold to go outside, but the kids are driving you nuts? They need some movement! Here are some great ways to keep your kids active in the winter and keep your sanity at the same time!

Episode 26: New Year, New Moms

Okay, we don't have new moms YET. It's on our giant dreamy goals list to have some guests on the show this year to discuss subjects we don't have experience with. Listen to this episode to hear about our stats in 2018 and our goals for the new year! We'd love your suggestions for topics for 2019, so reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or leave a comment right here! 

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